mailorder christmas trees

Mail order Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Welcome to the Mountain Star Farms Online Christmas Shop.

We can not ship Balsam fir Christmas Trees before November 23rd

Enjoy an old-fashioned New England tradition - a beautiful, fragrant and fresh Christmas tree - that comes to you a new way: shipped directly to your home! You'll love the convenience of having the tree delivered to your door in an easy-to-handle package. Let us send you some of the beauty and fragrance of the New Hampshire Mountains to help celebrate your holiday.

Should you buy a mail order Christmas tree and or a Wreath this year?

Consider these factors and you'll see how much sense (and scents!) it makes

Quality. We hand select the very best of our prize-winning, premium grade Christmas trees for our mail order customers. We appreciate your trust and choose only our nicest trees for you and your holiday celebration.

Freshness. We bend over backwards to send you fresh trees and wreaths Mail order trees are freshly cut before shipping. We put the tree on a special shaker to remove any grass, leaves or loose needles so there's no mess in your home. We then box it in a wax-lined carton to preserve its wintry freshness.

Convenience. Nothing is easier than having your Christmas tree and wreath delivered in a handy package to your home or office. No struggling to putting your tree in or on your car No trouble getting it through the door No fussing to get it into your tree stand. Just cut off the bottom of the carton and you can even stand the tree up in your stand while it's still in the box with no branches in your way! Set up and tree care instructions are in the box. We even include a complimentary tree removal bag to make it easy to get your Christmas tree out of the home at the end of the season.

Value. You receive a beautiful, fresh Christmas tree and wreath delivered directly to your home or office at a reasonable price..

Corporate Gift. Call for Discount pricing Are you searching for a thoughtful and unique gift like Wreaths or Trees to send to employees or customers during the holiday season? Call us and let us help you we can customze any and all of our product to suit your needs. We will also supply personalized, hand written gift cards with each item. Corporate Discounts are available. Every order is handled on a case by case For more information or to place an order please call us toll free at 1-888-567-2981